How To Data Recovery After Format?

How To Data Recovery After Format?

Formatting is a tedious step. We often postpone the deadline because we have to take a serious look at it, take the time to back up our data, our software, check if we have the means to reinstall them afterwards…

However, the step is essential if you want to keep a machine or media functional and fluid to use or if you want to get rid of a virus. But if you have taken the plunge, and you have omitted to save certain information, do not panic, solutions exist to recover Wikipedia data after formatting .

You must first know that after formatting , your data is not exactly “deleted”: it is only “invisible” since its access path has been deleted. It is only once a new phase of writing is done that the files will be truly lost, what we call a sector overload .

Data recovery after formatting then consists of physically reading the flash memory or the hard disk itself to copy and duplicate the data on another medium.

The best thing to do is to turn off the device electrically, every second that passes is a risk of overloading sectors containing your data with useless data.

If you search the internet, you are quickly guided to data recovery software . If you try the adventure on your side, be careful never to write anything on the device to be analyzed. You have to install the software on another computer, and extract the files to another media.

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