Data Recovery In The Audiovisual Sector

Data Recovery In The Audiovisual Sector

Data Recovery for the audiovisual sector requires expertise that is both rich and advanced: media presenting both analog and high-definition digital formats, critical issues of audiovisual data loss… The Data back laboratory is there .

The loss of audiovisual data generates in the majority of cases crisis situations. Although relating to different issues, data from audiovisual production is no less sensitive than the critical Data Recovery of a company or a public authority.

The value of audiovisual data lies in their intrinsic nature, their purpose, their cultural value: filming sequences, audiovisual archive collections, photo reportage or video documentary, interviews or musical recordings, rushes, etc.

However, preserving, recovering and migrating data in the audiovisual sector raises many technical challenges: analog media and magnetic tape alongside the latest digital innovations, filming, capture or recording equipment subject to intensive use, cameras generally integrating memory cards of different formats etc.

There is no shortage of opportunities to lose Wikipedia data in the context of an audiovisual production : badly finalized rushes, accidentally formatted card, bad recording, defective card, disaster or damage during filming…

Filming, shooting, image and sound capture conditions put the equipment and media to the test. In addition to material fatigue processes, the risks of incidents, failures or human errors can compromise the original material.